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Case Study: Empowering College Students through Diversity and Inclusion

Updated: May 26

In this case study, we're diving into the exciting journey of Brave The Cycle, a group of three college professionals who are making waves in the world of diversity and inclusive training. We'll take a closer look at their story, challenges they've faced, and the awesome branding and website design project we collaborated on to support their vision.

Client Background

Client Background - Brave The Cycle's previous logo
Brave The Cycle's previous logo

So, Brave The Cycle started off as "Fire This Time," a name that made me scratch my head and wonder, "What's the deal with this business?" But after some deep-dive questioning and getting to know them better, their purpose and training became clear. These three individuals, hailing from different universities, joined forces to form a powerhouse organization focusing on diversity and adversity leadership training for college students. They're all about bringing inclusivity to the forefront and helping folks navigate the challenges they face.

Project Overview

Project Overview - Brave The Cycle's new logo, designed by Great Lakes Designers
Brave The Cycle's new logo, designed by us!

Picture this: a bunch of us gathered on Zoom for some serious brainstorming sessions. These initial consultations were where we really got to understand Brave The Cycle's goals and the amazing training programs they offer. These folks travel around, presenting workshops and hosting three-day events at major universities, spreading the message of inclusion far and wide.

Process and Approach

We dug deep into research to capture the essence of Brave The Cycle's message and connect with their target audience. Our goal was to revamp and refine their training programs to effectively break down those pesky challenges everyone encounters. We wanted their branding and website design to shine a light on their unique perspective and showcase their mission in the best way possible.

Collaboration with the Client

Collaboration was the name of the game throughout this project. We had regular Zoom powwows to bounce ideas around, make decisions, and keep everyone on the same page. While we had one main point of contact, we made sure to touch base with the whole team from time to time. Their insights and feedback were invaluable in shaping the final outcome.

Results and Outcomes

Results and Outcomes - Brave The Cycle's Brand Style Guide
A mockup of Brave The Cycle's Brand Style Guide

The result of our collaboration? A kick-ass website that not only looks visually stunning but also effectively communicates Brave The Cycle's mission and training programs. We nailed it with a solid style guide and brand identity that totally resonates with their target audience. But guess what? We didn't stop there. We realized there's so much more we can do to support them, like helping out with events, digital assets, and killer videos. It's all about taking their mission to the next level!

What's Next?

Now that we've rocked the website, it's time to reconnect with Brave The Cycle and dive into their current campaign. We want to explore exciting opportunities for future collaboration. With their website and style guide on point, we're all about stepping up their online game through blogging and getting their new campaign off the ground. And hey, what better time to do it than when the new school year kicks off in September? Let's make some serious waves together!

So there you have it—the fantastic journey we embarked on with Brave The Cycle. By empowering college students through diversity and inclusive training, they're truly changing the game. If you're looking for help with your own branding and website design, reach out to us. We'll be more than happy to guide you on your path to an engaging brand identity and a killer online presence. Let's make a difference and leave a lasting impact together!

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