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What are the elements of a Website Consultation?

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they’re a Consultant, I’d have quite a few dollars. If I had a dollar for every time I understood what they did everyday at their job, I would have zero dollars.

According to Cambridge University, a consultation is the act of exchanging information and opinions about something in order to reach a better understanding of it or to make a decision.

The United Nations sees consultations as a way to come to an agreement on what someone wants; to plan together to develop a proposal or to advance an idea; to take decisions about how both parties will act.

My favorite definition comes from YourDictionary, which defines a consultation as a meeting to discuss, decide, or plan something.

What are the elements of a Website Design Consultation?

What are the elements of a Website Design Consultation? - Website design consultation

You can expect the following elements to be discussed during your Consultation(s):

Project scope and timeline

This involves identifying your website’s purpose, target audience, and key features as well as setting realistic expectations for the project’s duration and milestones.

Creative brief and design concepts

A creative brief (sometimes called other things such as a website summary), is a document that outlines your site’s creative direction, messaging, and design elements. It serves as the blueprint for your website’s design and provides a framework for the design team to follow.

Technical requirements and specifications

Your Consultant will also address technical aspects including your website’s hosting, platform, functionality, and integrations. They’ll ensure that the site meets industry standards to keep you strategically competitive, while paying close attention to user-friendliness and staying true to your business’s values and tone.

Budget and pricing

Once you’ve both come to a conclusion (or a few options) for the actions you need to take based on the consultation(s), they’ll provide an estimate for the cost of completing these actions for you. Your Website Design Consultant will also discuss payment terms for any ongoing work, maintenance, or support fees.

These elements will help you and your Consultant establish a clear vision and sustainable roadmap for your long-term goals.

Where should I go to find a Website Design Consultant?

I suggest heading to (aka the site you’re on right now). We’re a small team led by some amazing people that would love to help you create a brilliant online presence for your business. Please contact us to learn more, or click here to schedule your first Consultation.

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