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How to build out your blog for your business

Running a successful blog isn't easy, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. Not only do you get to find and connect with new customers, but you’re exercising the muscle that is search engine rankings, online visibility, and organic traffic - all of which lead to more sales and more people benefiting from your delivery services.

A blog isn’t just a great marketing tool, though - it’s an educational resource for people!

How do you go about making one that really makes an impact and communicates something useful? We already went over the first 7 steps, so today we'll be talking about the last few things you'll need to do. In case you missed it, click here to start from the beginning.

As a quick refresher, here are all 9 steps summed up:

  1. Create your categories

  2. Research short-tail and long-tail keywords for each category

  3. Come up with 5 blog post ideas for each category

  4. Outline the blog posts

  5. Write the blog posts

  6. Format them on your website - add pictures, meta data

  7. Create a posting schedule

  8. Add your subscriber list to receive emails when you post

  9. Add a form to your website for new subscribers to sign-up

Building Your Blog: Steps 7 - 9

Building Your Blog: Steps 7 - 9 - man writing blog on desktop computer

Creating a posting schedule, alerting subscribers about new posts, and allowing new ones to sign-up are going to be your next focuses after you're done writing the posts.

Step 7: Create a posting schedule

Establishing a consistent posting schedule is crucial for a successful blog. Determine the optimal frequency of your posts based on available resources and reader preferences. Plan your publishing dates and times, considering peak engagement periods. Consistency builds trust and improves search engine rankings.

Step 8: Add your subscriber list to receive emails when you post

Engage your audience by offering an email subscription service. Choose a suitable platform and integrate it into your blog. Customize subscription forms to align with your brand. Automate notifications to send updates whenever you publish new content. Craft engaging emails and consider providing exclusive content or incentives to encourage continued engagement.

Step 9: Add a form on your website for new subscribers to sign up

To expand your subscriber base, create a simple and concise sign-up form on your website. Ask for essential information and consider adding options for subscribers to select their areas of interest. Place the form prominently on your site, utilizing the sidebar, footer, or pop-up windows. Highlight the benefits of subscribing, such as valuable insights and exclusive perks, to entice visitors to join your blog's community.


By following these nine steps, you can create a powerful and impactful blog that not only serves as a marketing tool but also educates and engages your audience. From organizing your categories and conducting keyword research to crafting compelling blog posts and implementing a posting schedule, each step plays a vital role in your blog's success.

Tip: Need help building out your blog? Click here to contact our Content Team.

Remember, building a successful blog takes time and dedication, but the rewards of increased visibility, organic traffic, and a growing readership make it all worthwhile. So take these steps, unleash your creativity, and watch your blog thrive online!

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