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Great Lakes Designer - Introduction

Branding Inspiration

We love building businesses! Whether we start with your brand identity, pitch, or you want to take a new approach, we are here to help.

We build Global brands!

Truly honored to work with so many talented people and products from all over the world.

Innovators Unite!

We work with Micro Investor Groups, Collaborative Work Spaces, Investment firms, Medical Entrepreneurs, and Focus Groups


Products from all over the world, we are perfecting online sales for Restaurants, Clothing & Retail, Yoga & Personal Coaches, and Real Estate Agents. We also specialize in Eco-friendly, sustainable, and Vegan focuses.

Small Business

We often use our relationships with clients to connect each other. Its amazing how many companies and support systems even a single entity needs.

Scalable Startups

Over $800 Thousand in sales for our clients in one year! We are soo glad to see the products our company supports excel!


Let's setup a time to talk

Find a time to schedule a 15 minute introduction call to get started on your project!

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